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Kim G.


Meet our Curves Sacramento-Arena owner!


 "I would have never believed that the girl in this picture would end up coaching women and giving them hope that if she can change, anyone can. I weighed 305 lbs at what I think was my highest weight, because I stopped weighing at some point. After having Gastric Bypass Surgery, I lost 160 lbs, and was able to get down to 145 lbs working out for an hour and a half per day at another gym 6 days a week. Little did I know back then that I would come down with pneumonia shortly after reaching my goal weight. After getting sick, I stopped working out altogether, and over the next seven years, I gained back 79 lbs!




In 2009, I walked through the doors at Curves and applied for a job as a Circuit Coach feeling very disappointed in my failure to keep my weight under control and having stopped working out again. 

I said in my interview that I had a story to tell, and that if I could get to my goal here, I knew I could be a good example. Corrie, the owner at the time, told me, 'We don't judge anyone here at Curves, even if you work here. You're human just like all of the other women who belong to Curves." I fell in love with Curves that day.

My greatest joy is to see the hope in someone's eyes when they look at where I have been, and I am able to help them understand that they can step out of the bad habits and lifestyle that has only caused them pain and heartache, and into a life of endless possibilities.

As they say, if nothing changes, nothing changes. 

We can all change, it's a choice. We just have to keep searching for the right program for us that we will stick with, and the right people that will support us. I've found that 30 minutes working out with these supportive, inspiring, and beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and different cultures is perfect for me.

In fact, it has changed my whole life around.

So much so, that I wanted to own my own Curves. 

Thank you Curves for blessing me with this wonderful workout, and giving me the opportunity to own my own business and share the gift of hope to so many who might have given up on themselves if it wasn't for finding you. 

I'm so very grateful for all of my members, and the forever friendships that I have made with these strong and beautiful women at Curves."





Carol O.

Bad arthritis prevented me from working out!

I didn’t exercise for many years because of my arthritis. After getting my hip replaced in 2002, I joined Curves & started out not even able to finish one time around the circuit or get up off the floor by myself. After 4 months of Curves, I was able to get up off the floor unassisted and it’s a great feeling to be independent & strong again. The best exercise is the one you’ll do & Curves is that one for me!

Carol - Member of Curves North Natomas



Rexanne T.

Pounds lost:  65




I lost 65 lbs at Curves

I joined Curves in January 2009. Due to an insane work schedule, I attempted to come regularly, but was not always able to do so. In March 2009, my doctor expressed concerns about my blood pressure. She wanted to put me on BP meds, but I talked her out of it temporarily, while I attempted to get my BP under control with diet, exercise & weight loss. I tried to come to Curves more regularly and was doing OK, but my weight was still sticking at pretty much the weight it was when I joined Curves.

In May, I was encouraged to start “moving my body” 15 minutes a day. I began coming more regularly to Curves and walking on my non-Curves days (not every day, but really trying to move most days). I also started drinking much more water. All of a sudden I began seeing progress, then in June, the t-shirt campaign started. Free t-shirt if we worked out faithfully for June, July, and August. Well, it was free, right? I had to get the ‘free’ t-shirt (after all, it was green!).

In June, for the first time since I joined, I actually wanted to get weighed & measured – because for the first time, I knew there was some progress. I began tracking my eating & my exercise, continued drinking lots of water, and made sure I earned that T-shirt. Corrie also encouraged me to start drinking the Protein Shakes. Well, it took me several tries before I came up with the right ‘recipe’ for me, but I now drink a protein shake after almost every workout. I sometimes drink them on my non-workout days.

I’ve done many weight loss programs over the years. I’ve lost substantial weight (and gained it all back, plus some) at least three times. But, I’ve never included “Strength-Training” in my weight loss journeys. I know that I’ve always lost muscle, which is one of the reasons the weight came back so quickly. Now, with Strength-Training at Curves, I’m building muscle instead of depleting it. CurvesSmart has made a huge difference in my workouts. It really pushes me to work out harder.

As of January 2010, I’ve lost over 65 pounds and my blood pressure is down to 118/82.

Rexanne T. (Member of Curves North Natomas)


Gail J.

Curves works for people with back issues!!!

Since joining Curves 5 years ago, I was amazed that they were able to figure out a modified workout specifically designed for people with back issues.  I have now gained   4 lbs of bone mass due to the “resistance” strength-training.

The other amazing thing about Curves is the relationships I’ve developed & the support I’ve received from other women….I love it!!!

Gail J.  (Member of Curves North Natomas)