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Kim Gardner

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Twelve years ago, I tipped the scales at 305 pounds. I was 40 years old & had tried every diet & quick-fix out there, so I made “The Decision” to have gastric bypass. Within 16 months, I lost a total of 165 pounds and thought I did not have to worry about health or weight for the rest of my life. During my weight loss from gastric, I was working out six days a week, two hours a day, but then got pneumonia and… like everyone else, quit working out… thinking I did not have to worry about weight gain. Over the next 7 years I spent $10,000 on home equipment & also joined 3 different gyms, but never followed through….I eventually gained back 79 pounds.

In 2009, I happened to see an ad that Curves was hiring and unexpectedly found that Curves would be the thing to change my whole life for good! After working out at Curves for four years and changing my diet, I have managed to lose all my weight, and am down to 130 pounds and a size 2, with muscle tone that you would not think was even possible at Curves. For me, “Curves Smart” was the key to helping take my workouts to the next level & was the solution to helping me become the “Best That I Could Be.”

The moral to my story is that even after gastric bypass, little by little, I gained the weight back because I was not Strength-Training & watching my diet. Two hours at a conventional gym was not realistic for me, but fitting 30 minutes of Curves into my day is a “no-brainer” and now with Curves Complete, it is simple to stay on track.

In addition to my love for Curves & the Sisterhood you feel when you’re here, I am proud to be part of strengthening women on a daily basis.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my special man, Jack & my dog Gypsy. Once you get to know me, you’ll also notice that I’m a big goofball & love to laugh & joke around….I am finally enjoying my life to the fullest & I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been.

Kim Gardner